During our research we’ve come across several examples of how other cities and countries facilitate for the welcoming of newcomers. Here is a look at how one of our closest neighbours – Denmark – invites internationals to International House Copenhagen, ensuring a smooth transition to Copenhagen. In this house, which is situated in the city centre, newcomers can come by to get help with family matters, paperwork and housing – to mention some. The visitors get personalized attention and follow-up, hopefully starting their stay in Copenhagen off on a positive note. 

An other initiative that Copenhagen offers is their Host Program. This is a service that matches newcomers with local volunteer hosts – helping them with social, cultural and practical integration. Meeting with a volunteer host enables mutual learning between fellow citizens and helps the newcomers get a good start on life in Copenhagen. From what we’ve heard and seen, this is a great initiative that leads to many new acquaintances and friendships.  

We are in contact with representatives of these two services, and we look forward to getting some answers on what their every-day looks like – who do they meet? What challenges do the newcomers face? In which sense do they succeed, and why?