Journey map is a tool used to map out the different actions and emotions of a certain experience. This tool has come to good use during our process and we have used it frequently in our workshops. It is pretty simple to understand how to use a journey map if you've never done it before – and it can be a lot of fun! Without too much hard work it reveals interesting moments and patterns of the experience, laying the groundwork of solving the challenges with that particular experience, hopefully being able to change it to a better one. 


For our third workshop, where the topic was 'public sector and support systems’ we wanted to gain knowledge on what steps internationals take through the public systems, from the moment they decide to move to Norway to the day they actually feel like they have settled in. And, equally important – getting to know the personal emotions related to these steps. With these insights we can connect the dots between steps and emotions and suggest solutions to create a positive experience. 

Here our international workshop friends have shared their experience with us, mapping every step with a post-it. What made them feel bad when arriving in Norway? What made them excited during their travel preparations? What feelings do they have now that they are settled in?