Leadership Foundation is a very interesting organization we found through during our research. Leadership Foundation’s social mission is to lead the diversity for individuals, companies and society. This they achieve by working on plenty of projects promoting diversity. The approach is a mentoring/coaching model to connect youths with adults in an inspiring way. We had an hour talk with Lisa and Anna Maria – two women full of passion for their important work on the behalf of Oslo. One of the projects Leadership Foundation is managing is Oxlo Mentorprogram ( http://www.oxloinfo.no/mentorordningen/ ), which actually also is a project under Kunnskap Oslo. Leadership Foundation also provides consulting for both the private sector, the public sector, and for NGO’s. The mission for the consulting service is to improve the understanding and importance of diversity for all kind of businesses. We really appreciated the meeting with Anna Maria and Lisa – not to mention their contribution to our workshops at the lab. We thank you and wish you all the best with your important work. We are looking forward to meeting you again!


To see more about Leadership Foundation please go to http://www.leadershipfoundation.no/