Have you ever tried googling ‘moving to Norway’ or anything similar? If you’re Norwegian this may be something that never crossed your mind. If you’re an international living in Norway – or considering moving to Norway – you might have done just this, and met the same search results as we did when pretending to be an international searching for help on Google. Being Norwegians ourselves, the search results were somewhat surprising – although very entertaining!

Skjermbilde 2017-01-08 kl. 21.08.54.png

The top search result is ‘registering your move to Norway’ – a very informative and simple guide by NAV, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. The guide takes your through all the steps on how to register your move to our country, who you should speak to and what you have to consider regarding work, taxes and every-day life in Norway. We give two thumbs up to NAV for designing a very helpful website for anyone interested in moving to Norway – as well as doing a good job on their SEO, making their tool easily accessible through Google. 



Here’s to the entertaining part. The three or four next search results have the following titles: 

’10 things that will happen when you move to Norway’, ’30 things you should know before moving to Norway’ and ‘are you sure you want to move to Norway?’ – all three of them linking to personal travel blogs. We’ve picked out some highlights for you. 

«You’ll start wearing one of those Norwegian sweaters»

«You’ll learn the exact times when alcohol can be purchased»

«Everything costs money»


Your welcome to check them all out – but remember that pinch of salt!