With the help from many of you, we have now handed over the results of our open inquiry – the #whyoslo project – to Oslo Business Region and Kunnskap Oslo. The project resulted in a report which takes you through the entire process. 

After three months engaging with internationals and Norwegians in the #whyoslo research lab, we are left with three possible outtakes and an overall concept. We have re-introduced a definition that was presented when the Oslo Brand Management Strategy was launched in 2015: Oslopolitans. We have reason to believe this is a concept that could help create a more including city – by promoting that we're all Oslopolitans!

To read more about the process and recommendations, press the button below. HAPPY READING!

Thanks again for participating as an engaged Oslopolitan. If you haven't already – join the #whyoslo group on Facebook here. We're excited to see where the project goes next. It is not in our hands anymore, but we'll definitely do our best to keep the #whyoslo spirit alive! 

Emergence Projects / Ida Sofie, Annike, Hilde & David