SOC, a Sense of Coherence, is an theoretical formulation that provides a central explanation for the role of stress in human functioning. SOC consists of three pilars, where the last one is the most important one. Antonovsky said that if a person believes there is no reason to persist, survive and confront challenges - if they have no sense of meaning - they will have no motivation to comprehend and manage events.

During our open inquiry, we found this formulation interesting. It makes sense in the case of finding wellbeing for international talents living in Norway. How can people be happy in a city and culture without a sense of meaning?

The three pillars are:

The ability to understand life situations and give them order and structure

The ability to handle or respond to situational demands, or the feeling that one is capable of obtaining the necessary resources to do so

Meaning / Sense
The extent that one feels like life makes sense