Why did you choose Oslo? Why do you want to stay? And if you don't, why not?

Our student team from Emergence School of Leadership invited a group of international students from the University of Oslo, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences and BI Norwegian Business School into the lab for a workshop. Interesting having people with different backgrounds in the same room, and talk about the one thing they have in common: studying in Oslo.


The obvious starting point was of course: why Oslo?

The answers are many. Opportunities. Change. Freedom. Love. Many had heard the educational system was of high quality, and were intrigued by how close the student-teacher relationship is. High standard of living, closeness to nature and the safety of knowing most Norwegians speak English helped as well.


Do they want to stay after their studies?

Yes. And no. Or maybe. We're asking a difficult question. This depends on job opportunities and if it is possible (and easy) to make a career here. Work and close personal relationships were the most important factors when deciding whether to stay or go. 

The fact that you have only six months to find a relevant job in Oslo before you have to go, is of course a factor. High cost of living when looking for work doesn't help either.


...and a million other reasons, of course. Where you work and study is a very personal decision for many. It's about how you live your life. That's what makes this project so interesting! Cannot wait to investigate further. How can we make it easier (and more attractive) for international talent to create a life in Oslo?